Hello Food

I think we all know what food is. We eat food. We need food to stay alive. Food is our fuel. We also, thanks to the way we are engineered, enjoy food. We often find great pleasure in eating/tasting food. And talk about variety - there is a wide range of foods from all sides. We have straight up food identified by a specific country or region: french cuisine, asian fusion, italian, indian,... even mash-ups like Tex-Mex. There are far too many to even try to list. But if we dig in and look, we see that there is a common set of chemical compounds in all of these.

The goal of this chapter is to point out the chemistry of food. Maybe you'll finish with a deeper appreciation of just what is all that on a nutritional content label. I do understand that only viewing food as a bunch of chemicals is incredibly short-sighted. But, you need to keep in mind that it is important to know what those basic components are and how your body uses them. I'll try not to get too preachy and just get you the facts.

That ingredient list on a package of munchies can be scary - especially if you are eating heavily processed foods. We will certainly NOT cover all the myriad items on an ingredient label - we might hit a few though. More important is the nutritional content because that is more about your fuel and ultimately, your health.

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